The Present
  1. A Couple Kissing
  2. Queen
  3. Portrait of a Boy
  4. Portrait of a Man
  5. Woman Wrapped
  6. Portrait of a Woman
  7. Portrait of a girl
  8. A Man Sleeping
  9. A Woman’s Hand
  10. Person Staring
  11. Half a portrait

The Past
  1. A Womans Arm
  2. A Mans Face
  3. A Womans Face
  4. A Mans Face #2
  5. A 3/4 Portrait
  6. A Face
  7. A Woman
  8. A Mans Profile
  9. A Face
  10. A Face #2
  11. A Couples Argument
  12. Three boys sitting
  13. Death Mask
  14. A portrait in Coffee
  15. A 3/4 Portrait #2
  16. A Mans Face #3
  17. A Dance
  18. Portrait in Mud
  19. A drummer
  20. No Exit
  21. Abstraction #1
  22. Muybridges Flip

Works on paper
  1. A woman
  2. Profile of a Man
  3. Full Face of a Man
  4. Full Face of a Man #2
  5. A Man in Thought
  6. Full Face of a Man #3
  7. A Man in Thought #2
  8. Abstract Face
  9. Man in Dust
  10. 3/4 Portrait
  11. Abstract Face #2
  12. Abstract face #3
  13. Death Mask #2
  14. A Man in Thought #3
  15. Portrait of the Pope
  16. Face of Disgust
  17. Woman Crying

  1. It would be dishonest to designate a meaning to my work because it is the product of my creative ritual; It is not what I can create, it's what creating does to me. Process and material come first, and subject matter, second. The result, pure action.



1. Ursula K Le Guin

UKG / 1974
From The Author of the Acacia Seeds
and Other Extracts

            And with them, or after them, may there not come that even bolder adventurer — the first geolinguist, who, ignoring the delicate, transient lyrics of the lichen, will read beneath it the still less communicative, still more passive, wholly atemporal, cold, volcanic poetry of the rocks: each one a word spoken, how long ago, by the earth itself, in the immense solitude, the immenser community, of space.